Re: Information about Independent Stanislaver Lodge Society #ukraine


<<<Lynn Troyansky Arroyo wrote:

Dear Henry,
You wrote:

Has anyone ever heard of a Society called Independent Stanislaver
Lodge. The last person who was the contact was a Arthur S Alfert. I
have two phone numbers of him but both seem to be not working anymore.

This was all I could come up with to try to help you. It does give the
town of origin for the society.

I found that if you call the cemetery, they usually have up to date
records for whoever is in charge of the society you are looking for and are
usually very cooperative......... >>>

My maternal grandmother is buried in Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten
Island, NY in the Independent Stanislauer Lodge section. The staff at
Baron Hirsch are helpful and I would be interested to know if Henry
finds a contact connected to this society.

I visited my grandmother's grave in September and many of the graves
in that area are quite old (many date back to the early 20th century)
and overgrown with plants including poison ivy. Her grave had been in a
similar state (a long story not to be told here) when I began paying
for it to be cleared and looked after.

When I first made contact with the office at Baron Hirsch I was told
that a geneologist had been researching the names buried there and
discovered the name of my maternal great grandparents. No other
information was available and I asked for my details to be passed to
the genealogist for help with my research. She never replied. That was
5 years ago.

If any further information about the society is found I would be
grateful to know.

Arlene Berman
Nottingham, England

Researching: GIMPLOWITZ, Ukraine; HELFMAN, Austria; BERMAN, Belarus;

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