Searching for WHITE´s (or variations) in Canada #ukraine

Eliana Aizim

I´m searching for the descendants of my great-grandparents Ratse &
Zakharia VATNICK, of Peschanka, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine.

In approximately 1921, Ratse and her children and grandchildren fled to
Toronto, Canada, where her son Velvel was living. One of the daghter´s
name was Ruchl, and the grandchild, Golda. In Canada, they changed their
surname to WHITE or variations such as WAIT, KHAIT, HITE, etc.

I have some old photos taken in Canada. One of them shows that Golda
was married to Mr. Velvel GANG. I´m in contact with a member of the
Gang family who told me that it had been a brief marriage because Golda
died. No children. Golda was his second wife.

There was a woman in this family whose surname was SUGARMAN.

I´ve posted some photos of the VATNICK´s in Canada at the Ukraine SIG/
Most Wanted. To view the pictures:

My grandfather Burach VATNICK, the son of Ratse & Zakharia, died in
1919 in Kryzhopol, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine. Right after, his widow
Esther (née AVERBUCH) VATNICK and their two children fled to Brazil.

I would love to reconnect our families. If you have any information on
them, please contact me privately at < aizim@... >. Many thanks
in advance.

Eliana AIZIM
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
a visit to my Gurevich photo album:

Searching: AISEN, AIZEN, AISIN: Ukraine: Lugansk; Argentina; Brazil
GUREVICH: Ukraine: Yuzovka; Brazil.
VATNICK, WHITE: Ukraine: Peschanka; Canada: Toronto
AVERBUCH: Ukraine: Zhabokrich; Brazil: Colonia Quatro Irmãos.

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