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Les Shipnuck <lshipnuck@...>

Dear Ukraine SIG,

Searching for family shtetl: Ignatevka (variant: Ignatevska) thought
to be located in the vicinity of Malin Station, a rail stop approximately
40 miles West of Kiev. I cannot find this village on any map that I have
seen so far although Malin is easily found.

Many will be reminded of the fictional town of Annatevka in Sholem
Aleichem's "Tevye the Dairyman", adapted later as Fiddler on the Roof.
Any resemblance in the name of this shtetl is apparently coincidental.

I have it on good information that the townlet still exists, and exists
even under its traditional name. Does anyone know anything about this

Thanks in advance for any information.

Leslie Shipnuck
Berkeley CA

Researching: ADAMSKY, AGRUNSKY, SHAINSKY, TSIPNUIK, of Zhitomirska

Moderator Comment: One possibility might be Ignatovka near Lutsk (Luck).
There in also a townlet near there called Annatovka - In the 50'55N - 25'42E

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