Seligmans in Ekaterinoslav #ukraine

Scott D. Seligman <heyscott@...>

According to records >from the Minsk Archives, several members of my SELIGMAN
family moved >from Parichi (outside Bobruisk) to Ekaterinoslav in the late
1880s/early 1890s, no doubt participating in the government's plan to
encourage Jews to establish new agricultural settlements in Novorussia.

Simon Zalmonov ZELIKMAN (b. 1832) and his wife Rochla and Simons' brother
Pinchas Zalmanov ZELIKMAN (b. 1842) were among them, and possibly their
brothers Avram, Meyer Leib and Aaron as well. Simon's family was "ruled out
from Parichi petty bourgeoisie >from the beginning of 1st half 1887 . by the
reason of including them into Ekaterinoslav 2nd guild tradesmans." Pinchas
was included in "Ekaterinoslav petty bourgeoisies."

I've done extensive research in Belarus but I'm a Ukraine newbie. Can anyone
suggest some research strategies to point me in the right direction to see
what became of these folks? In particular, what record groups are available
in Ukraine for these agricutural settlers, and does anyone have a researcher
to recommend?

Many thanks...

Scott Seligman

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