Leivik - a Hebrew Name? Update #ukraine

Rochelle Gershenow

Thank you to the many Genners who responded to me privately or on the list
about my inquiry about whether Leivik is a Hebrew name. My father listed
Leivik as his Hebrew name on paperwork for a burial society. I need to know
what Hebrew name to put on his tombstone this coming year. So,I wanted to
determine what was the correct Hebrew name as I didn't think Leivik was
Hebrew. >from somewhere deep down in my memory I remembered my father
telling me that he was called Leibl boychik.

The answers I received >from people ran the gamut:

The Hebrew name is either Aryeh, Judah, Lev, or Levi.
Leivik is either a diminutive of the Hebrew "Levi" or the Yiddish "Leib" or

Well, I did get an answer to my original question, i.e., Leivik is not a
Hebrew name. Now, the decision as to what name to use has to be made.

Rochelle Gershenow
Potomac, MD

Searching: AGINSKY (Belarus; South Africa, USA); CHAIKIN (Priluki/Poltava,
(Priluki,Ukraine; or Pennsylvania, USA); LIFSCHITZ (Priluki,Ukraine);
PURINSON/PURINZON/PURRINSON Priluki,Ukraine; Argentina; Israel; USA);
Belarus; Ludza, Latvia; USA); SOKOLOFF (Priluki, Ukraine)

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