Re: Wasserman & Owen #ukraine

Teresa Delikat <flott_genealogy@...>


I was able to locate Jerry WASSERMAN (still at the
address Israel noted) and a possiblity for Anna Owen
using and

Using I verified the numbers were still
current and sent the addresses and phone numbers to
him off list.

Teresa Delikat
Lehigh County, PA

Israel Halperin wrote, in part:

Please, I'm looking for 2 people:

1. Mr. Jerry Wassreman- his address Winthrop RD,
Lexington, MA, U.S.A. I want to connect him, I need
his phone number.

2. Mrs. Anna Owen - I need to know if she his
alive or not. Her address- Westouer St. West Roxbury,
MA, U.S.A. If she isn't alive maybe someone can reach
her children ?

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