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In going through the files at Ellis Island, we have discovered the listings
for my paternal grandmother, Chana Ukopnik, my father, my aunt, and,
probably another uncle of mine, grouped with them, although the spelling of
his town of orogin is similar but spelled differently, and we all thought
that uncle had arrived in the U.S. a few years earlier. We had always been
told they came >from Kulchin, Ukraine. However, these documents state they
came >from Kulczyn, POLAND. I know the borders shifted in many, if not most,
parts of Europe, but this was news to me! I finally had located a Kulchin in
the Volyn gubernia, which is an area those long-gone relatives had
mentioned, although they claimed to be >from "Near Kiev". Now I'm very
confused. Can anyone out there give me any assistance?

Lorraine Levan

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