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Stephen R. Low <steve.low@...>

I will be visiting Odessa in June and want to travel to Kiliya (98 miles
from Odessa) and nearby Ismayil (118 miles >from Odessa). Kiliya was the
purported origin of my maternal grandfather, known in the U.S. as Charles

from Odessa, I will travel by rail to Chisanau, Moldova (Kishinev). The
JewishGen Romania Database contains birth records that, I believe are for
two of Charles Lando's siblings.

Regrettably, I speak only English. I wonder whether any list members can
provide advice on the following:

1. A modest-cost place to stay in Odessa (and/or Kiliya/Ismayil, if there is
a place to stay in that area) and Chisinau. If possible, I would prefer a
bed/breakfast or guest house.

2. The feasibility of renting a car and driving to Kiliya/Ismayil. And, if
this is not feasible, the means for making this trip.

3. Because of the language barrier, I have little hope of researching any
records that might shed light on these or other ancestors, but suggestions
on what to look for and where would be welcome.

4. The desirability of finding a translator or guide to accompany me during
my visit.

5. Any English-speaking "contacts" in the places I'm visiting.

6. Suggested sightseeing (Jewish and non-Jewish) while in the area

I'm somewhat flexible in my stay: At present I would arrive on a Sunday >from
the U.S., spend five full days in Ukraine, and leave by train for Kishinev
on Saturday.

My time and capabilities are limited, but if there's any help I can offer to
anyone on the list during my visit, please let me know.

Related information/query:

I have been told that Charles Lando's father, David LANDAU, divorced his
wife in Constantinople and emigrated to Palestine, where he died circa
1930. I have no further information about him. Interestingly, the index
entry for one of the Kishinev birth records referenced above identifies the
father as David Lando and notes "Father is a Turkish citizen." This area was
controlled by the Ottoman Empire in the 1800s, so perhaps David's
citizenship was defined as Turkish, Could this relate to the "family story"
that his divorce was granted in Constantinople?

David's wife, Rosa (DRAGUSHONSKY) Lando arrived at Ellis Island on June 26,
1893 with Charles and 3 sibs. Rosa's name was recorded on the passenger
manifest as "Rosa LANDA." The first names of the children are probably
transliterations of Yiddish/Hebrew names (with, for me, somewhat
hard-to-decipher spelling). The gender of one child is mis-stated as female.

Any suggestions on how to learn more about David Landau's emigration, death,
or burial location would be appreciated.


LOW >from Satu Mare/Seini, Romania (i.e., Szatmar/Szinervaraljá, Hungary) to
New York

SCHWARTZ >from Halmeu, Romania (I.e., Halmi, Hungary) to New York

WITTNER >from Iasi, Romania to New York; Manchester, England; Australia

LANDO/LANDA/LANDAU >from Kiliya, Ukraine and/or Kishinev to New York and

Please send replies to me privately. Thank you for any assistance.

Steve Low
Lincoln, MA USA

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