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Bennett Greenspan <bcg@...>

Hi Howard

Thanks for bringing this to the group.

I personally think that the Oxford site, in it's current offering and
demeanor, is more anthropological then genealogical. The quoted 7
daughters of Eve sounds very nice, but it doesn't put families together
in the sense that our genealogical work attempts (paper trail or

Oxford originally stated that they would offer a Y test in May (based
upon a 4 marker test) but that has been delayed for a few months, I
imagine, to offer something closer to an 11 marker test.

Having said that, please be aware that we test men who order tests
through Jewishgen for both mtDNA and Y so we can potentially offer then
emails that says: "you and XXX are related on your mothers side, their
email address is:

Our Relative match test gives you what Oxford currently offers, and what
they have yet to introduce.

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

At 04:21 PM 05/21/2000 -0500, Howard Wolinsky wrote:
I am new to your list. I have read about Prof. Hammer's research, but
wondered what your perspective was on for the MatriLine test at Oxford.
Information at

Is MatriLine of value to Jewish genetics? Does it relate in any way to
the FamilyTree DNA research?

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