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Bennett Greenspan <bcg@...>

Hello Chaim

If someone matches 11/11 it will prove that you are related on the fathers
side. If you were 5/11 it would clearly show tat you were not related, in
the last few 10,000 years (certainly not close enough to invite for dinner
as "cousin, welcome to my home".

That certainly does not exclude the possibility that you are related on
one of the inner branches, but if you try to perform a surname match, and
get results like the 4th example of Table 2 >from the new page I posted
last night:

you can see, by the numbers, that you are not elated on that surname match

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

At 03:05 PM 05/21/2000 -0400, Chaim Manaster wrote:
In response to Anita question shown below, I think it is safe to say
that if the 11 markers all match up that the statistics are hugely in
favor of "proving" that you are family. However, if they do not match
up, you can still not then say that you have "proved" that you are not
family. That question must remain open despite the negative result of
the test. You could still easily be family through some line of
descent >from a common ancestor, not in the all male or all female line
of descent.

I.e., the bottom line is, that this test must be only viewed as a test
for family inclusion, but must fail as a test for family exclusion. Do
the experts agree with my analysis on this point?

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