Re: problems w/ Yad Vashem database #ukraine

Hilary Henkin

Would you let us know which names you're searching for when you get
the error (and any other parameters you're using), and what browser
you're using? Let us try to duplicate the problem.

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia

At 08:57 PM 6/16/2006, Anita wrote:
Subject: problems w/ Yad Vashem database
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 10:11:31 -0400

I was wondering if someone could help me. I've been trying for
weeks to search the Central Database to finish a summary of records
mentioning Opalin, Ukraine (formerly Poland) but every time I try
to search, I'm directed to a IBM Workplace Service Express window.
I e-mailed Yad Vashem a while ago about the problem but got no
response. I just tried
it again and apparently my e-mail address is on a spam black list.
I was wondering if other people are having this same problem with
the search engine or if there's someone >from Yad Vashem on this
distribution list who can look into the problem and get back to me.


Sharon Klein
Acworth, GA

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