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Judy Simon <heyjude0701@...>

Anita, have you considered DNA testing? If you have a male NADWORNY in
your family who can have his Y-DNA tested and if you can convince direct
male NADWORNY descendents on the other lines to have their Y-DNA tested,
then you will know if they are related or not. You can find out more
about DNA testing at My husband's paternal
grandfather was >from Odessa but we know very little about him; we're not
even sure what his surname was. My husband had his Y-DNA tested and had
several near matches whose ancestors were >from Podolia gubernia, about
300 miles northwest of Odessa. We are thinking that one of his
grandfather's ancestors might have moved >from the Podolia area to
Odessa. I have contacted people on JewishGen Family Finder with the
surname that we think might have been my husband's grandfather's who had
ancestors in both Podolia gubernia and Odessa, and one man generously
agreed to have his DNA tested to see if he is an exact match to my
husband. If he is a match, then it would confirm what we think the
family surname was before it was changed and then we can look at the
archives. DNA testing has poked a hole in the brick wall.

Judy Simon

researching: BROZGOL >from Rezekne, Latvia; KAPELUSHNIK >from Rezekne,
Latvia; LEFKOWITZ >from Skierniewice, Poland; KELMER >from Zychlin, Poland

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