Re: Help request for Pittsburgh cemetery #germany

Harriet Hoffman

My cousins and I believe that our GG parents are buried in Beth Hamedrash
Hagodol-Beth Jacob Congregation's cemetery in Pittsburgh. Our requests
(multiple) of Rabbi Savage, his staff and cemetery caretaker to obtain some
photos of the tombstones, with offers to pay for service, have not been
A year has passed, with more excuses yesterday, and so we hope that someone
living in this area might help us.

Contact information for the synagogue (I believe it is Orthodox) is:
Beth Hamedrash Hagodol-Beth Jacob Congregation
Rabbi Savage
1230 Colwell Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
The following are the cemetery locations for:
Rose Chernoff: Death Date, 4/20/1929 (80 years old)
Plot: Section E, Row 4, Lot 48
Isaac Chernoff: Death Date: 7/26/1910 (57 years old)
Plot: Section E, Row 4, Lot 47
Esther E. Chernoff: Death Date, 1/21/1906 (6 years old)
Plot: Section E. Row 7, Lot 111"

Please contact me directly,

Harriet Hoffman
Honolulu, HI

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