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My great grandfather Chaskel Aizikov MODIJEFSKY came to the USA about 1880,
but returned to Europe (Amsterdam) in 1881.
He was born in 1860 in Cherson/Kherson (Ukraine) and some other brothers and
sisters have also emigrated to the USA.

A Gillel/Hillel MADIEWSKI married to Annetta TACKS lived also in Kherson .
They had a son Isaac born there in 1893.

In Khorol we found a rabinical family descending >from rabbi Avraham
MADEYEVSKI(born about 1810, died after 1884) with a son Moshe David
(teacher) and a son Kalman in Kremenchuck(died 1900), a son Josef Chaim
rabbi in Haditz/Gaditz , a daughter married to Pinchas OSTROVSKY (1844-1915)
in Romny, a daughter Chana married to rabbi Tswi Jaacov Ha Levy DINABURG
(DINUR) and a son Eliezer Moshe rabbi in Khorol ( shaliah of rabbi

If anybody can give additional information about the family that could help
to connect these three branches, or would be helpful to trace American
descendants that would be great.
Information about thhe origine of the familyname would also be appreciated.

Chaim Caran
Eilat Israel

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