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Sorry I can't make it to the conference!

I have posted two pictures on Viewmate with the hope that branches of my
SOBILOFF (SOBELIEVKI/SOBELOFF) family may recognize the individuals in question.

The first picture is of David SOBILOFF, born 1885, son of Chaya Ida and Leib
SOBILOFF, originally >from Elizavetgrad (also Zlatopol), emigrated to Montreal
in 1907, photo taken in NY during a visit to his GOLD(EN)BERG first cousins
about 1912/1915. (David SOBILOFF had six other brothers and sisters, one of
whom was my grandmother.)

The second picture is of David SOBILOFF's uncle (standing, right) first name
unknown taken in Elizavetgrad, Russia about 1883. The unnamed uncle is
standing next to his brother Leib and behind his father Yakov, stepmother and

Does anyone recognize either David SOBILOFF or his unnamed uncle >from any of
their own pictures? Thank you.

Mel Solman

Please reply directly to me at:

SOBELOFF/SOBILOFF/SOBELIEVSKI Elizavetgrad/Zlatopol (Ukraine)
GOLD(EN)BERG Malecz/Mayletz (Belarus)
VINEBERG/VAINBERG Falticeni (Romania)
KRUK Warsaw (Poland) and England

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