genomic DNA and / or mitochondrial DNA? #dna


Hi Dr. Baumal

Yes we also test males for the mtDNA that they receive form the mother.
Both of these tests are performed routinely for Jewishgen referred
The price of both tests is currently $219 (USD)
Yes, both of the results will be prepared and databased to be used for
potential matches in the future.

Thanks for asking the questions, I hope that this is now clear to all
interested parties.

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Huston

Dr. Baumal Asked:

In addition to preparing genomic DNA >from the buccal smear, which allows
you to assess the 11Y chromosome markers that provide information about
patrilineal descent and whether one is a Kohen, do you also prepare
mitochondrial DNA >from the same buccal smear, which would provide
information about matrilineal descent? Are both of these types of DNA
prepared routinely >from each buccal smear or does one have to ask for
this to be done? If both are done, is the price still $219 (American
funds)? If both of these types of DNA are prepared, are 2 profiles
released to the database-one showing the profile for patrilineal
descent and the other showing the profile for matrilineal descent?

Reuben Baumal
Toronto, Canada

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