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Hi Ernie

You have come up with a good case not to test. >from the explanation
of the relationships I didn't see any cousins in the FFF or MMM linage
that would allow us to obtain the clean shot that DNA testing require.
Folks remember, If you want to find relationships that cross >from male
to female to male, then you must have living cousins to help. That
means that you will need to have families that had many children.

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

Ernie Holzmann wrote:

The on-line discussion in the past week has been interesting!

In six weeks I hope to visit my "distant cousin" Eric in Chicago. We are
from the same city in Germany (Nuremberg), went to Realgymnasium together,
and believe we KNOW how we are related to one another.

Here is the link between his and my ancestral lines:

Eric's maternal grandFATHER and my maternal GREAT-grandmother
were brother-and-sister!

Eric and I have other things in common: Our parents died years ago, we
have no sisters, but we are blessed with children, both boys and girls,

My cousin Gabriele's maternal grandparents are my
maternal grandparents... Gaby has two (BEAUTIFUL!) daughters.

In any statistical test, there is an "expected" (or "most likely")
outcome that is predictable, based on an analysis of the "population"
being tested and of the test procedure.

Suppose in our family's situation, we wanted to do the relevant tests not
only to verify relationships, but to test for mutations...

1. Can your tests verify the relation between Eric and my cousin Gaby's
2. What would be the probability of a FALSE NEGATIVE if my ancestral
great-grandmother, instead of being the sister of Eric's maternal
grandFATHER, had been a sister of Eric's maternal grandMOTHER?

Bennett, I hope this is a valid example to illustrate how female test
planning must be carefully examined before committing to the tests

Thank you for your patience in trying to help us understand what is
involved, and what are both the promises and the limitations of the

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