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From: "Chaim Freedman" <chaimjan@...> wrote:
I am looking for sources about the attitude of Jewish communities to
children born to Jewish mothers who were raped during pogroms, such as the
Chemelnitsky massacres during the 17th century. This has genealogical
relevance to the prevalence of typically non-Jewish Y chromosome markers
amongst Ashkenazi Jewry.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel
You might try Sheelat Yaavetz as a quick start in reference to Cohanim
having that stigma. I don't remember the siman off-hand, but it's
mentioned in Pitchay Teshuvoh, Yoreh Deah Hilchot Bechor Odom.
Likewise is mentioned therein a Chasam Sofer who decides contrary to
the Yaavetz.

I remember mention of a MaHaRSHaL along the same lines, just not sure where.

All the best

Rabbi Yosaif M. Dubovick
Betar Illit, Israel

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