Grabarsky #ukraine


I recently returned >from the Ukraine on a family "roots" trip. One of
the members of our group was 91 years old and had lived in Rozyzchze
Ukraine (Russia) until he was 28. He took us on a tour of his shtetl
pointing out the houses our ancestors lived in, where the shuls were
etc. When I asked him whether he remembered where our family the
Grabarsky's came >from prior to living in Rozyzchze (Rozyzchze is just
east of Luts'k) he told me that the GRABARSKY came >from a shtetl called
Simiyatich (phonetic spelling) and that Simiyatich was north of Ratne
(Ratne is in the far northwest corner of the Ukraine today). I went to
a map of Poland and found a shtetl called Siemiatycze which I think
matches phonetically Simiyatich. Siemiatycze is about 100 miles north
and west of Ratne. However, what I found fascinating is within a few
miles of Siemiatycze Poland is the city of Grabarka Poland. Now it
seems very coincidental to me that my family name is GRABARSKY and
supposedly the shtetl that we come >from is a few miles >from Grabarka
Poland. My question to everyone is... was there ever a Jewish
population in Grabarka Poland. If there was did anyone else take the
name of Grabarka Poland with them. Does anyone have any history of
either Siemiatycze or Grabarka Poland?

Ron Bernstein


GRABARSKY - Siemiatzycze, Simiyatich, Rozyzchze
PERLMUTTER - Rozyzchze, Ratne
TURNER - Ratne
OLDER (ALTER) - Gaysin, Hysyn

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