Re: Bessarabia vs Bazar #general

Naomi Fatouros

I did a quick google search to look for possibilities
for Channah inquiry concerning "Bazar" and its
I turned up one site which said that a place called "
"Novi Bazar" which is a strip lying between Serbia and
Montenegro. See:

and another site which talked about the town of
Jaslowiec, known as "Armenian town" and its
inhabitants who would hold large trade fairs in a
nearby village with the "tell tale" name "Bazar." See:

Whether either of these places(if they are separate
places) were inhabited by Jews, I did not investigate,
but given the fact that many Jews were engaged in
peddling and trading I would expect that they would
have had connections with either or both of these

On Nov. 22, 2006 "ms nodrog" wrote:
Dear Genners,
On my grandmother's and mother's manifest it
states that they came >from "BAZAR." Is this the
same place as "BESSARABIA?" Is Bazar in the
Please respond to

Thanks in advance,
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