Russian Name Equivalents for Yiddish Birth-Given Names #ukraine

Avi K. <u.sisraeli@...>

Daer Genners (UkraineSig),

My maternal grandmother born in the turn of the century (1900) has had 3
brothers & 4 sisters:
1-Asher (English) or Usher (pronounced Oosher-inYiddish);
2-David/Dave (English) or Toyve/Toybe (Yiddish)
3-Morris (English) & 4 sisters:
c-Chavah (Havah/Khava or Eve/Eva (English)
d-Rachel/Rakhel or Rukh'l (Yiddish)

Since I am trying to find out if I can access any information about them,
it's be essential for me to know their Russian EQUIVALENT names (given at
birth). I do not suppose that, if they were all born in the Russian
Federation (Ukraine, etc...), that their births in official papers/documents
have been reistered under their Jewish (Yiddish) version... (although I may
be wrong-due to insufficient knowledge...! ?!?).

So, can anyone offer any Rssian EQUIVALENTS to the above names (including
any possible variation thereof) or-reference to any such name source (online
or otherwise)?

I'd much appreciate hearing back >from anyone on this issue (with my
sincerest thanks to all information contributors extended in advance),

Kindly yours,

Avishalom Klammer

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