Anna HITE question and Viewmate #ukraine

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Genners,
I have the following information (somewhat contradictory) about my
paternal grandfather's mother's sister
Her name was Anna CAIT. Her father's name was Shlomo.
She came to the US for the first time in on the SS Caledonia on the 24th
of February 1906, she was single and 28 years old. She came from
Glasgow but stated that her residence was Odessa. This would mean that
she was born about 1878. She mentions that she is going to her brother
in law Fischel Meyer and was detained and picked up the next day by her
sister "Becca" Meyer. All this is a perfect fit with my family as
Fischel and Rebecca were my great grandparents. I also have Rebecca's
tombstone which has her father's name as Shlomo. She must also have
been quite a bit younger than her sister, whose date of birth was
approximately 1860 based on her age at death.
Next I also have her ketubah, which was not a North American
Ketubah according to the Rabbi who photo restored it. I have posted the
text of the ketubah on Viewmate so that we can check her husband's first
name and the dates.

from family information I have that her married surname was Press, This
is in my writing and appears to be the response that I obtained from
asking my grandfather questions prior to his and my father's death in
July of 1985.
My cousin Sylvia Meyers z"l, who grew up with her grandparents
(my great-grandparents) said that Anna did not have any children. This
made sense since I have the ketubah. (Sylvia probably sent it to me).
In the 1920 and 1930 census I have found an Israel Press with a
spouse Anna. However the birth year does not jibe with the other
information. This time she was born about 1886 or so. They came to the
US in 1912 and 1913 (or 1914) but they had 7 children! I also found the
arrival in the US of an Israel Press in 1912 using Steve Morse's site
and one of a Chanc Press (note the typo) in July of 1913 with children.
(Israel was a potential translation of the groom's first name).
I also found an Anna Press born circa 1880 in Brooklyn in NY, a widow
with three adult children, who might also have been the correct Anna
I note that Fischel also had sisters who came to the US and one was
supposedly an Anna. Perhaps she is the one who was childless (or had
only one child). But I do not have her ketubah, and the family just got
confused as to who did or who did not have children.
One possibility is that Anna went back to Russia and married
there, and a second is that she did marry in New York but the Rabbi only
had Ketubot >from the old country. Any suggestions here. That sounds a
little far fetched to me. More likely she did return to the US, under
her married name. But is the Israel/Anna couple that I found in the
census the correct couple? If so, why do I have her ketubah? And there
is a discrepancy of about 7 or 8 years in age for Anna. The odds are
overwhelming that Anna and her husband remained in NYC. I did find an
Anna Press in the 1930 census who had children but no husband. And she
could have been listed as Hannah or even Chanah in the census as well as

So the first question is would those of you who can read Hebrew script
well please translate the blanks in the Ketubah. I would like to know
the following information:
1) the name of the groom (I know he is a kohen)
2) the exact date of the marriage
3) the location of the marriage
4) the names of the witnesses
5) Any indication of age of either the bride or the groom
6) Anything else that might be helpful in solving this mystery.

Please respond directly to me. Thank you

Sarah L Meyer Christiansen, Georgetown, TX 78628
Guberniya Ukraine (and Latvia)

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