Archive Records #ukraine


There are two organizations in New York City that have some archival records
that contain important information but do not have the Internet search
abilities for a genealogy search. These organizations are:
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,, and the
American Joint Distribution Committee, .

In 1919 there was a pogrom in Kamenny Brod, Ukraine, where my maternal grand
parents came from. I have been searching for information as some relatives
may have been killed in that pogrom.

Recently I found an eye witness report in the archives of the American
Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in New York. Someone forwarded 4 pages >from
what appears to be eye witness reports of other pogroms. The information was
typed, in English, in 1921. The document is not on-line. It did list many names
of people killed in the pogrom. I identified 3 people with the same surname
of my grandparents.One was my great-grandfather

It occurred to me there may be a great source of information located in the
archives but lost >from view because these records are not indexed of an
Internet search. This could be a great opportunity to support an effort to get
visibility of these records.

Allan Dolgow
West Sacramento, CA

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