Shannis/Franks/Blinder Families - Ananiev #ukraine

Judy Sumray <judysumray@...>

Dear Members

I am researching into my mother's family who came >from Ananiev - at
least, my mother and her sisters were born there. My maternal
grandmother was Chava Blinder, who married Joseph Shannis aka Franks;
this is one of the most puzzling parts, because both my mother and her
elder sister (the middle sister did not marry) gave both surnames on
their wedding certificates, so I am not sure what was the original
name of my maternal grandfather. Chava was born in about 1865 (I
presume in Ananiev) and came to London with Joseph and their three
daughters (one of whom was my mother) in 1900/1901. I know that my
grandmother had a sister, Sonya, who also came to England, and that my
grandmother was still corresponding with one of her nieces in Russia
as late as the 1930s - I have some photographs of her niece Polya
taken in Russia in 1933, but no other information.

I am also trying to locate a Yizkor Book for Ananiev - I wonder if
anyone might have any pointers for me.

If you are able to help or to share any information, please reply to

Many thanks.

Judy Sumray

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