Re: First Name Fanny #ukraine

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Genners,
In my family the first name Fanny was used (at least in the US)
for the Yiddish name Feige (Feyge). This is in keeping with the way
that many US Jews kept the first letter of the Hebrew or Yiddish name,
but chose a non-Jewish secular name that started with the same letter.
My name texts indicate that Fanny could indeed be a form of Frances
(meaning free, liberal)(or Stephanie the feminine of Stephen (crown)),
neither name being a Jewish name. Feige comes >from the Yiddish (either
Fayg -fig) or Feigel (bird).
I would also suggest that you look at the Given Names Data Base on
the Ukraine SIG website
(It comes up with Fani, Feige, Fruma and Freida as well as Priva and
Tsipora) as potential matches for the US name Fanny.
Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

Fanny was the first name of many jewish women in the XIXth century.
Does someone know how it was written in yiddish and/or russian, and
wether it is the diminutive form of "stefania" like in many
languages, or the transcription of a specific jewish name ? Thank you

And thank you also for all those who some time ago had brought me
all the light for town's name "belocerkovo"


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