Shteiman Stern Diamond family sought #ukraine


I have a friend who immigrated >from the Ukraine within the last 20
years, and has been unable to locate her American cousins.

Here is what she knows about them:

Grigory Shteiman was a tailor, a small business man originally
from Pinsk He received permission to live in Kiev. He
died in 1924. His wife, whose name is not know, died in
Babi Yar, along with her sisters Sonia and Vera. Vera was married, and
had a son, who was also killed by the Nazis in Kiev.

Grigory Shteiman's children included Zina Shainskaja (Daxes). Her
maiden name was Shteiman.
and Aaron Shteiman. Aaron Shteiman changed his name to Harrey
Stern after immigrating to the United States(Brooklyn). Harry's wife
was Celia
The children of Harry and Celia were Esther,Gerald, and Herbert.
Esther was born around 1927, and Gerald was
born in 1932 or 1933, and Herbert was born in 1939.

Esther married someone whose last name was Diamond, Esther's children
were Howard, Richard and Bruce Diamond. Bruce was born in 1949 or
1950. Herbert is a dentist. He may have gone to college or dental
school in Philadelphia.

Gerald became a Rabbi in New York.

If this sounds like a familiar family please contact me privately.
Zina's daughter lives in the United States, and would like to be
reunited with her family.

Aaron Ginsburg
Sharon, Ma 02067
Researching Pokras,Gorodishche, Ukraine and elsewhere ; Kusinitz,
Cirlin, Ginsburg, and others, Dokshitsy, Belarus

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