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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Avishalom Klammer posted to the UkraineSIG as follows:

"I'd like to know if anyone knows by any chance what
the English as well as Hebrew equivalent name is for
the Russian, Yiddish or Russian-Yiddish female name:
Mekhliya/Mehliya or: Mekhliye (Mehliya or Mehliye)
with 'kh' or 'h' pronounced as the 'ch' in LoCH-Ness

This was the name given to my mom."

The Yiddish name for a female Mekhalya or Mekhla was used in Ukraine as a
kinui (alias) for the Hebrew female name Michal. The Michal of the Bible
was the daughter of King Saul, and can be found in the book of Samuel I, 14:49.

This means that it is likely that Avishalom Klammer's mother had also the
Hebrew name Michal. If so, then her formal Legal Jewish name (for purposes
of Jewish contracts like a Get (divorce document)) would be Michal
HaMechuna Mekhalya. (The word HaMechuna is a Jewish legal term which means
"known as".)The name he gave, Mekhliya, is a variant of the proper Yiddish
name Mekhalya, and probably can be read either way >from the Jewish text in
which he found the name written, since such variant possibilities are
possible with Yiddish.

It would have been common to use the kinui rather than the more formal
Hebrew name in day-to-day conversations and casual documents like letters.

Thus, it would be worthwhile for Mr. Klammer to search for the Yiddish name
Mekhalya as well as the name of which he already knows, Mekhliya.

It should also be noted that the Yiddish name Mekhalya was also used as a
kinui for the name Makhla in Poland. So, if there is the possibility of a
connection of this family to Poland, than a whole new series of names
(Machla, Makha, ..., Mekhla) also comes in for consideration in his research.

These names can be seen in the JewishGen Given Names Data Bases at the
following web site:

< >

by choosing various national regions in Europe and searching for the names
Michal/Mikhal, Mekhalya, or other similar names mentioned above.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana

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