Re: a must-see movie about Jewish life in the Ukraine? #ukraine

Amos Israel Zezmer <amos.zezmer@...>

Thanks, Nina, for your message.

I think many of us share your feelings about "Everything is
Illuminated." I disliked the book after reading about ten pages it. Out
of duty to the friend who thrust it in my hands and said, "You've just
got to read this book. All of Britain is raving about it!" I read it to
the very end, disliking it even more. I cannot imagine wasting my time
(and eyesight, again) with the film.

Amos Zezmer
Yerres, France

Moderator's note: I was sent the book by a cousin - since the subject
town was Trochenbrod. My father was born there so I "had to read" this book.
I, too, put it down after the first few pages, resenting the vulgarity of the
language. That was two years ago. In Salt Lake I saw the movie. Thank
goodness the vulgarity was gone (mostly) and the story as I saw it was
somewhat sensitive. But it did not reflect life in Trochenbrod which is
what I was expecting. The real life in Trochenbrod was portrayed more
accurately in a thesis by Morton Kessler written in the 80's, and in a tiny
pamphlet written by David Schwartz and published in Israel in 1936.

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