Re: Tuchin/Torchin #ukraine

David R. Brill

Limited records exist for Tuchin. The Rovno Regional State Archives holds
copies of the revision lists (Fond 27, Opis 3) for the 7th through 10th
revisions (1815 - 1857) and this is the best overall resource for that
period. There are miscellaneous records in the State Archive of Zhitomir
Oblast (Fond 118) but it is hit or miss. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any
existing B/M/D records, which leaves a big gap in useful records >from the
1860's up to WWI.

Make sure it is really Tuchin (Polish spelling Tuczyn) you want, as there is
a separate town called Torchin in the former Volin Gub., about 50-60 miles W
of Tuchin.

David R. Brill
Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Researching: ZEITCHIK, LIKHTER in Tuchin

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Does anyone know of a source for vital records for

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