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Warren Epstein <eppygt@...>

I am searching for any information and source for vital records regarding
the following family members who came >from the Ukraine prior to their
immigration to the USA. My great-grandfather was Alter Nathan Carlstein,
born 15 June 1858, who immigrated to the USA in 1886. Perhaps his surname in
the Ukraine was spelled Karelstein and his Hebrew name was Nahum ben Tzion.
His parents were Isaac Meyer Carlstein and Miriam Aronowitz Carlstein. His
wife was Baschewe "Bessia" Zolotnitsky, born in 1859, and they married in
1875. Per Alter Nathan Carlstein's death certificate, he was born in Fastov,
Ukraine. Their daughter, Rosa Carlstein ( my grandmother ) who was born 20
December 1878 and her brother, Martin, immigrated to the USA in 1894
arriving at Philadelphia, PA. Per the ship's manifest, she arrived from
Poltava, Ukraine, either the town or the Oblast. To make their place of
origin in the Ukraine more confusing, some family members referred to their
place of origin as being "Charczike" ( spelled phonetically ) which I have
been unable to relate to any existing town in the Ukraine. Other family
members believed that the family may have originated >from Roman, Romania
which may have been part of the Ukraine in the mid-1800's. Therefore, where
or how can I narrow their place of origin, i.e. Fastov, Poltava,
"Charczike", Roman, and can the family names of Carlstein, Aronowitz and
Zolotnitsky be traced to any of those communities? One other item of known
information, Miriam Aronowitz, born in 1836, was the daughter of Rabbi Chaim
Toby Aronowitz who died in 1891 and is buried in the Ukraine. Any help or
suggestions for my continuing search would be appreciated.
Warren Epstein, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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