A lot of questions Kishinev #ukraine

L A <lisala7366@...>

Hi everyone,

Is the appropriate/best way to contact Vital Records in Kishinev by mail? Does
anyone know what types of vital records they have there? Are there any other
data bases that i can make an inquiry? Is there a census etc? I'm not sure what
types of recordes to ask for? One thing I would really like to find out is what
my families address was so I can visit. Are there specifically any jewish
archives? Is any one familiar with the ABELSKY family in Kishinev that is the
Rabbi for the Lubavitch JCC in Kishinev?
Thank you
Lisa Arnett nee Golden Origianlly >from the Boston Suburbs now in the Philadelphia
GREENBLATT, GOLDMAN,GREENBERG >from Shargorod and Kishinev,
FINEGOLD >from Vladivostok

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