Re: Jewish lawyer in Ukraine in the late 1800's #ukraine

Alan Shuchat

Inna Shtakser asked me to post this to the list.

Alan Shuchat
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There was definitely an official registration of lawyers, I'm just
not sure where the relevant documents are currently located
(my guess would be RGIA in St Petersburg, which is currently closed,
but you want to know for sure). A good place to ask would be H-Russia
(the list for historians of Russia). Though you must remember that
even if you will not find your relative's name in these lists it does
not mean he was not a lawyer. Since 1889 a minister of justice had to
approve the registration of every Jewish lawyer and >from 1889 until
1896 not even one was approved. The result was the many Jewish lawyers,
including some of the most prominent ones, were officially registered
as trainees. By the way at that time there were many Jewish lawyers
in Russia.

Good luck,

Inna Shtakser

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