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Michael Hoffman


Should access this website which is a paid for website,
you can use the search engine facility for free, and do a search for
Povlotsky and you will be able to look at the post 1984 BMD records and
immediately will be able to see the records at no cost.

She should do a search for Pawlocky and she will be able to find Pawlocky
records on the "Passenger List of Passengers leaving the UK >from 1890 to
1960" also known as BT27

Michael Hoffman
BERGER-Grabawo, Poland, London, Hull UK.
HOFFMAN/OCHMAN-Beleya Tserkov and Kiev, Ukraine, London UK.
OSTROFSKY-Beleya Tserkov and Kiev, Ukraine, London UK.

From: MERYL RIZZOTTI <mrizzotti@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:34:53 -0800 (PST)
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My family, named Povlotsky (and various spellings)
left Ukraine and traveled to Philadelphia via
Liverpool. However, the ship manifest stated they were
picked up before going to Liverpool >from Hango,
Finland. Actually, all of the passengers leaving from
Hango were listed as having a nationality of
Russ-Finn. I am fairly certain that they were not
Finnish. They also came >from Elizavetgrad,
Zvenigorodka and Shpola according to various documents
I have found. The ship passage was paid in
Philadelphia and sent to Elizavetgrad. Has anyone ever
found people >from that area leaving >from Finland to
the US? One of the Povlotsky women married a man samed
Sroel Braun who later changed the name to Brown. So if
anyone out there knows about the Braun/Browns I would
like to know.

Meryl Rizzotti
Researching Specter, Povlotsky(Pawlocky), Brown,

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