LEVITAS/STRIMLING from Konotop #ukraine

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While doing some family tree research I came across an interesting piece
of info - my family might not be >from Lithuania, but might have instead
moved to there >from Ukraine!
I had always known that my gggf Labe moved >from Shavel to Konotop in the
mid-1860s (I forget exactly when - it's not in front of me at the
moment) with his family, and that his children came to America >from
there, but now it appears that his father Nosson might have actually
come >from there to Shavel years earlier.
The name Labe used when writing his memoirs was Levitas, but as our
family name is STRIMLING, no one ever knew why he used that name. It is
now a possibility that LEVITAS was our original name in Konotop and
Nosson changed it to Strimling when he moved to Shavel.
Does anyone have any information on a Levitas family in Konotop?

Yoel Strimling
Ra'anana Israel

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