Searching for survivors from Dunayevtsy, Ukraine #ukraine

Carol Rombro Rider

I am in touch with a gentleman by the name of Boris Levin, who was born in
Smotrich, Ukraine, about 25 km >from Dunayevtsy, Ukraine. The Jews knew this
town by the name of Dinovitz. Boris went to school in Dinovitz, and would
like to be in touch with anyone who may have gone to school with him. I am
going to guess that Mr. Levin is in his 80's although I am not certain.

If you know of any survivors of this town, please ask them if they may have
known Mr. Levin OR would like to be in touch with him. He is going to
Dinovitz in the spring, to visit the grave of his mother. Like many other Jews
during the war, she was buried alive in the salt mine in the town.

Thank you,

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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