LAPATIN in Proskurov #ukraine

luc radu <lradu@...>

Hello Group,

I have very limited information on my GGF and looking for any suggestion on
how to pursue research. Berl LAPATIN, per his death certificate found in
Botosani (Romania) was born in Proskurov, cca 1855 and must have arrived in
Botosani in the late 1870s. There is no information on any siblings or
relatives in Botosani, so he must have come alone. I know >from a relative,
that his daughter was corresponding in 1920s with relatives in Russia but
that has stopped for obvious reasons (and apparently their surname was not
Lapatin). Proskurov is current day Khmielnytski (spelling) in Ukraine and in
1850s, this part of Podolia was Russia. The name does not appear to be very
common, but there are also Lopatins.

My question is: is there any way to access/request civil documents (like
birth certificates) >from 1850s in Ukraine/Khmielnytski)? Or any other idea?


Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

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