Re: Yiddish/Ukrainian nicknames- Tontiff/Leib/Hyman #ukraine


I also thought that Tontiff might be a corruption of Yom Tov. In my family
my grandmother's brother (originally >from Belarus) was Yom Tov (pronouned
yontif in the Yiddish way). In America his first name became officially Hall
(perhaps >from holiday?) but to us he was known simply as Uncle Joe.

Bonita Lesnik
N. Hollywood, CA

Researching: LESNIK (Rafalovka, Olizarka, Volhyn), KRIVITSKAYA, ORATOFSKY
(Zvenigorodka, Kiev), GLINE, GLENEFSKY (Suwalki), KIMMELMAN (Kossovo, Belarus,
Philadelphia), PARIS (Bialystok, Belarus, NYC)

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