Is Mummy Daddy? #dna

Al Bell <allbell@...>

An article posted on the Fox News site, at this URL
says researchers believe they have enough DNA >from Ramses II to see
whether the mummy believed to tbe Ramses II is related to a second mummy
believed to be Ramses I.

It seems to me that, in theory, Moses could have actually been an Egyptian
prince of the blood. Even if he wasn't, it's easy to imagine that the
Israelite and Judean royal families occasionally brought Egyptian
princelings into their families.

If Family Tree DNA hasn't already thought of this, maybe you could ask
whoever is testing the pharoahs' DNA to at least look at the 11 SNPs that
Family Tree DNA uses for its test, along with the other SNPs they were
already planning to use, just to see if the pharoahs are our cousins.

a.l. bell
kansas city, missouri

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