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I am trying to help a friend research her grandfather's family with the
name of Joseph Jaroschewsky, who on coming to England around 1907
changed his surname to Elkin. The family story tells that Joseph came
from Odessa, Ukraine.
A contact in Odessa has kindly transcribed a letter for me and it
includes other names. These are:

Leva, Haim Leiba, Minochka and Zalman, Yul'ka, Masha, Valya, Lazar.
These appear to be members of the Jaroschewsky family. Also the letter
sends regards >from the Kaganoviche and Leibzon families who were
obviously good friends.

Joseph had two brothers Isidor and Ivan. Isidor was a bookstore keeper
in Berlin around 1928/1929. Isidor wrote to Joseph with a view to
setting up a library in his apartment, but we have no way of finding out
if that ever happened.

Joseph (using the surname Elkin) married Ada Elizabeth Cutriss Clark in
1922 at the Hackney Registry Office. Witnesses were Matilda Ballard and
M Isaacs. The marriage certificates states that Joseph's father was
John. The address at the time of marriage was 90 Brighton Road, Stoke

If anyone can help me trace this family or if you have come across it in
your own research, please contact me.

Best wishes
Jan Rees


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