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I have been searching for my ggrandfather DAVID BLUMENTHAL's
naturalization records and have come up empty.

I have his death certificate which is sadly lacking in much info
he died in 1922 before Social Security, I am unable to locate
his passenger record (came over around 1880/1881) and now I am
confused about his first wife's name. His marriage certificate
for what should have been his second wife in 1896 lists his
first wife who died at age 30 after giving birth to 4 children.
It lists her name as ANNA KLEIN - parents MAX KLEIN and SARAH HURWITZ.
It was actually REBECCA SCHOENBERG who married him in 1896
after being sent over >from Russia as an arranged marriage.
I know it isn't just a screw up on the wife's name as Rebecca's

Here is my problem: I talked to my grandmother's niece yesterday-
my grandmother's name was MOLLIE, her niece is MOLLA- she said
she was named for David Blumenthal's mother. But on his death
certificate and marriage certificate it lists her name as Anna.
Someone had mentioned not naming direct relations after one
another which doesn't seem to be the case. David Blumenthal's
mother was ANNA, his wife was ANNA and he named his first born
child ANNA. ???

Also... I know he was naturalized as Rebecca was naturalized
through him. The censuses list him as being naturalized in 1892.
I found NYC directories and he lived off of DELANCEY ST through
the 1880's and into the 1890's until he moved to Rochester NY.
I wrote to the clerk in Rochester and requested his naturalization
papers if they have them. I put a request in to the Northern NARA
and they found another DAVID BLUMENTHAL- definitely not my
ggrandfather. Where else can I look? I know he did not leave
NY State. He only lived in NYC and ROCHESTER NY.

I also don't know if he married ANNA (MOLLIE?) KLEIN in Russia or
in the states. His first child was born in 1885 so I am assuming
it was here since he came over in 1880-1881.

I am considering that his name changed or he listed himself
dIfferently. Seems strange that he would switch to Blumenthal-
being a Jewish name but who knows.

Sorry for the long-winded explanation :)

Amybeth Gregory
Schoenberg/Cohen/Kogan KUZMIN UKRAINE
Blumenthal possibly SATANOV/BOLEKHOV

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