ZEITLIN/LIPKIN information #ukraine

Paula Zeitlin <theziti@...>

My husband's grandparents, Joseph ZEITLIN (b. about 1871)and Bluma
LIPKIN ZEITLIN (b. about 1875), immigrated to the Chicago area >from
Cherhigov/ Chernihiv in 1891 and 1893 respectively.

1.>from their gravestones, (in the Hebrew) we recently learned that
Joseph's full name was Eliazar Joseph, son of Avraham Lev
(ZEITLIN). It is possible that Joseph was >from Moghilev or Mstislaw
in Belarus, but his oldest son was born in Berezni.

Any information on Avraham Lev ZEITLIN would be appreciated.

2. We would like help in clarifying Bluma's headstone information.
In Hebrew she is listed as daughter of Rav/Rabbi Shmerl followed by
the words "ha Cohen" in smaller letters. We would appreciate an
explanation of this--is it an honorific, or was her father a rabbi?

We know that her family name was LIPKIN, as her brother Sender/Sam
LIPKIN also immigrated to Chicago, but on ship manifest lists his
last residence Chaslowitz.

Any additional information on Shmerl (possibly Shmerel, Shemarya)
LIPKIN would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Paula Zeitlin
Newton, MA

ZEITLIN (Chernihiv, Chernigov, Belarus: Moghlev, Mstislaw) LIPKIN
(Chernigov, Chernihiv. Berezni, Borzni, Chaslowitz?)

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