Re: ZEITLIN/LIPKIN information #ukraine

LAURA SCHNEIDER <lauraruth@...>

Hi Paula:

Yes, KOHEN has a separate status in religion. In the Jewish religion you
have: KOHEN, LEVI, ISRAELI. Is transmitted >from father to the first son.
There are rules they have to follow and are very strict and they are called
to make the blessings when the Torah is read. Kohen are direct descendents
from Aaron brother of Moses. You can also search as the Kohen gene which a
Kohen (most of them) carry. There are several studies on it and with a very
high probability of carrying the gene.

You can read more on the following link:

My greatgranfather was a Kohen too and had it written on his grave also as
the Ha Kohen (find attached) .

Is very helpful in genealogy. For example when I search for my Schneider
surname (which there are many around the world) I ask 3 things: is your
Schneider Jewish? And is he a Kohen? Are they >from Russia or Ukraine? For me
if the answers are yes, then I keep tracing on that line, otherwise I



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