update on landsmanshaftn searches #ukraine

ALEX VOLKOV <volkoff@...>

Dear Genners,
First of all, Big Thank You, to everyone who sent me suggestion
on YIVO search for land organizations. I haven't called them yet, but I did
look on the online lists and mine aren't there

But (!), thanks to Caroline, Weitzman's suggestion on different spelling of
organization, I made a request online and it did bring some links, not exactly
the organization but at least some info

I made a one-line search request in google search-language to include all of
your suggested spellings, it looks like this

Suppose, you want to search a place named Tarutino, against all possible
spellings of the land organization, search request in google would like like

tarutino landsmanshaftn OR landsmanshaften OR landsmanschaftn OR
landsmanschaften OR landsmanshaft

the same would work for anchokrak, kilia etc

So, in other words, anyone who is in search for a particular landsmanshaft
and can't locate it through normal lists, can try this request at google.com
and see if there is anything 'additional' will pop-up


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