Availability of documents in Israel #ukraine

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

I would like to bring it to your attention, that the Central Archives for
the History of the Jewish People situated on the Givat Ram Campus of the
Hebrew University in Jerusalem has microfilmed various documents at archives
in the Ukraine.
I visited the CAHJP in December and prepared lists of documents available
for the shtetl sites I have built for Kalinovka and Litin. Many of the
documents contain information for more than one town in them. These are not
vital records. The catalogue is in Russia, so if you plan on visiting to
look for materials, make sure you are accompanied by a Russian speaker,
unless you can read and understand Russian yourself. Thanks to Alex, who
traveled to Jerusalem with me, I was able to make a list of documents they
microfilmed that contain information on Kalinovka and Litin. Not all are of
genealogical value.
The lists I compiled for my shtetlsites can be seen at
I made copies of three documents and would appreciate the help of volunteers
to translate them.
They are
1835-36 - Loans to Jews >from Litin who were hurt in the fire (97 Jews),
1910 - List of those born in 1883 to 1889 >from the area of Vinnitsa that
should be inducted in 1910
1921 - List of the Jews of Litin (152) murdered in the pogrom May 1921

Rose Feldman

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