Re: Priluke Ukraine SIG #ukraine


I understand there are three Prilukis. Would this SIG include the one
closest to Vinnitsa, Podolia Gub.? I don't know if I really have a
connection with Priluki, but my mother belatedly mentioned that she wanted
to go back to "Peraliki" (phonetic) and several Geners thought she may have
meant Priluki.

Sonia Pasis
Rockville, MD

Subject: Priluki, Ukraine SIG
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 06:31:32 -0400
X-Message-Number: 2

I'm in the process of re-activating the 104 member Priluki,
Ukraine SIG. Many of our members have changed their
email addresses, therefore, it would be appreciated if all past and
current members of this SIG would send me a message so that
I can update the SIG mailing addresses. It would also be helpful
to also send me the addresses of SIG members, with whom you
exchange messages.

Len Markowitz
Coordinator, Priluki SIG

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