Re: Kamenets Podolsk Archive #general



I made a general inquiry as to how to access documents >from the archive and
here is the response I received:

Dear Mr. Schultz,

You may write us about what you are searching for. If it is the genealogical
research, you have to write the names of relatives and where they were born,
lived or die. Then we will be able to recommend you one of our state

Svetlana Romanovich
the main specialist
International Cooperation and Using of Records Division
Information, Using of Records and International Department
The State Committee on Archives of Ukraine

Svetlana's email address is:

I have not actually contacted Ms. Romanovich with a specific request, but at
least we now have the name of "the main specialist" at the state archives.

Scott Schultz
JewishGen Researcher #188546.

Moderator's comment: >from what we learned at the conference - be specific.
Give names (with also known as names in parenthesis) - dates of birth, marriage
or death. Do NOT explain relationships... they are not interested in that.
Also keep your initial request short - or you could end up on the bottom
of the to-do pile.

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