Translation from Polish needed #ukraine


Dear Fellow Genners,

I have just posted a document on Viewmate that I got >from a microfilm
>from LDS. It is in Polish and I am asking for help to translate the
entire document for me including the margin area and any signatures at
the bottom. Some of those names at the bottom are in Hebrew or Yiddish.

The document is supposedly a birth record for Hersz Dawid Troianski
>from 1826. I am hoping that it will reveal information >from my father's
side of the family, and I think this might be the son of my
g-g-grandfather Chune Efraim which would make him the brother of my
great-grandfather, Chaim Mortka Troyansky who was born in 1820.

I have had no luck whatsoever in finding Chaim, or the family in
Talnoye and/or Romanivka (near Uman), Ukraine, although the Ellis
Island passenger manifest records his entry into the US. and the 1920
census shows him and his wife living in Manhattan. Of note is that
Chaim died in 1923 at the age of 103 years.

One reason I think this man, Hersz Dawid Troianski may be related is
that my father, David Troyansky, might have been named for him.
Additionally, my mother always told me that my Yiddish middle name,
Tzvia, was derived >from an uncle named Hersh.

I found Chaim's tombstone in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Queens, NY where it
says his father was Chune Efraim, and his death certificate lists his
father as Chaunan (Chune) Troyansky and his mother as Goldie Cohen.
I cannot find this family anywhere in Ukraine for any year.

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give.

The direct link to the image is

Lynn Troyansky Arroyo
Largo, FL

Researching: TROYANSKY (and variant spellings) YURICK (and variant
spellings) in Talnoye, Romanivka, Uman Ukraine, KOTKOFSKY (and variant
spellings) RAZUMNA/RAZUMNY in Krivoi Ozero and Odessa, Russia, SCHWARTZ
in Kalnybiloder, Ukraine, LEDERMAN in Trostanyets, Ukraine.

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