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In my limited experience (re Zhitomir):

Archivists very professional and desire to be helpful.

Some regional archives have separate sections for Jewish records, which
are generally in both Yiddish and Ukrainian.

Local Jewish community organization (Chabad) requests funds to transmit
data request to archivist and allegedly follow-up in dynamic search, but
one might well question whether any serious follow-up is attempted. I
think direct communication with archive probably just as effective.

Birth, marriage and death records are generally organized as follows:
1) region,
2) interval of a few years (interval not entirely consistent),
3) alphabetical by last name.

So knowing the region, approximate birthdate, and last name may bring
some success. Of course, there are many gaps.

Marty Thomas

Jim Gutterman wrote:

I have established that various gp and ggp came over at various times
roughly turn of the 20th century and that they did come >from what is
today the modern day Ukraine. for some I have towns, for others I
don't or can't be sure. I generally have names of their parents who
stayed back in the old country, although clearly the surnames I do
have are less than precise in terms of spelling and reliability. Given
all that, what are any suggested next steps to try to get either
original records (birth,marriage,etc) or simply establish more detail
(ie how many brothers and sisters, names thereof, etc). I know this is
a bit general, but would appreciate hearing any successes people have
had in terms of who they contacted or whatever other resources they
accessed. thank you.

Jim Gutterman (Landesman,Ochs,Goodman,Giterman,Geller)

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