Victor Miller, Silver Spring, Maryland #ukraine

Victor Miller

My name is Victor Miller and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland
(a suburb of Washington DC). Recently I visited Ukraine trying to
find out more about my grandfather who lived in a shtetl which goes
under a few different names: Gorodkovka [Russian]also known as
Myastkovka [Russian] or Horodkivka [Ukrain] or Miastkowka [Polish]
or Miscovca [Polish]. My father changed his name when he arrived
in South Africa. His original name was MILLMAN.

My grandfather's name was Hershel Millman, and his wife was Chaya
Millman. My grandfather I believe was killed in a pogrom in Trostanetz,
a nearby town. This sad event took place in or about 1919. I have
managed to find a book describing this tragedy but there is no mention
of my grandfather.

I am trying to find any other individuals who believe their family
lived in this town. My visit to the Jewish graveyard was interesting
to say the least. It is in a sorry condition overgrown with weeds and

There is only one elderly Jewish lady living in this town. She is I
believe in he 80's. According to the local administrator she had two
sisters one of whom was a physician. The lady also indicated that she
had a brother in the United States who send her money to live on.
Unfortunately she had no knowledge of my family.

I would very much appreciate it if you would contact me assuming
that any of the above really interests you. Please feel free to
contact me by phone, email or regular mail.

Many thanks,

Victor Miller
Silver Spring, Maryland
email: cri@...

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