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Carlos Glikson

Cheryl Tallan mentioned
There is a book about these pogroms.
Heifetz Elias. 1921. _The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919_.
New York: Seltzer. A general history of the 1919 Ukrainian pogroms. I
don't know if it mentions the pogrom in Boyarka. I don't know how easy it
is to find this book. It is in the University of Toronto library and
probably should be in any good academic library.
In 1921 Heifetz had presided or was presiding the All-Ukrainian Relief
Committee for the Victims of the Pogroms, operating under Red Cross
auspices. The book was written at about a time when my grandmother was
almost thrown off a racing train while other Jewish passengers were being
attacked. My mother was born in 1921. And some months later the family was
escaping by illegally moving to the border (with fake invitation letters to
an inexistent wedding in a border town, and uncles wearing military
uniforms, just in case they should impress anyone on board the train). The
family then walked away in different groups, and with different lucks.

My closer family crossed on a dark night with a group of Jews and a
guide/extorter through the border woods. When my baby mother cried in the
arms of my grandmother she placed everyone in the group in risk of being
discovered, and killed or jailed. The guide told my grandmother that she
should better silence the baby, or he would do it, definitely. My mother
behaved. Every now and then I realize I can write this, for example, because
my baby mother behaved that night.

Time ago I saved the link to the complete online version of this book edited
in 1921. It was supplied in a message to the UkraineSIG by Allan Dolgow.
You can find the book online at the Harvard University website in

Shorter version:

The website includes a full scan, which can be read online or converted to
Adobe's pdf format and saved to read it off-line (click on Printable
Version). I am not doing that now but the pdf file I obtained when I did it
weighed 30.5 MB.

As for Boyarka, a search in the Yizkor Books Project database in
yields no results, either for town name (DM-Soundex), or for global text
keyword search, Boyarka or Bojarka.

The scan online for Heifetz's book can not be directly queried for keywords
and requires browsing. I have not read the book completely but while
browsing did not come across an alphabetical index for town name mentions.
The number of scanned images including titles is 416, for page number
reaching 408. This is the index:

[Title Section] [pp. unnumbered pages (seq. 1-2)]
PREFACE [pp. I-IV (seq. 3-6)]
CONTENTS [pp. V-unnumbered page (seq. 7-8)]
CHAPTER II THE DIRECTORY [pp. 21-56 (seq. 29-64)]
CHAPTER III THE BATKO [pp. 57-83 (seq. 65-91)]
CHAPTER IV THE SOVIET POWER [pp. 84-98 (seq. 92-106)]
CHAPTER V THE DENIKIN REGIME [pp. 99-122 (seq. 107-130)]
CHAPTER VI SELF-DEFENSE [pp. 123-140 (seq. 131-148)]
CHAPTER VII POGROM PICTURES--A FEW EPISODES [pp. 141-174 (seq. 149-182)]
CHAPTER VIII RESULTS [pp. 175-182 (seq. 183-190)]
APPENDIX [pp. 183-408 (seq. 191-416)]
SUPPLEMENT TO CHAPTER II [pp. 185-234 (seq. 193-242)]
SUPPLEMENT TO CHAPTER III [pp. 235-408 (seq. 243-416)]

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson

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